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Innovative attitude

MEM Srl is an italian company with high and innovative manufacturing attitude, operating in the metalworking and mechanical industry.

Starting from the beginning the company has been introduced in the market focusing on turning and milling of mechanical parties as toller, but during the years it has been excelling for the quality in its processes and works, thanks to the knowledge and passion passed down of generations and thanks to strong innovation predisposition.


  • Flexibility

    Our production department is structured to work both on single items or on high batches.
    Material available in stock allows us to satisfy promptly the needs of our customers.

  • Innovation

    Cutting-edge plant, CAD-CAM, automated warehouse, connected plants, production management, Industry 4.0 in developping: our attitude to the innovation leads us to follow and catch new technologies in the market in order to apply them on our Industrial structure and production.

  • Values

    Family business strong assessment:
    respect and attention to the customer,
    attitude to team working.